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AVA3448B Tuner to IP Gateway

AVA3448B Tuner to IP Gateway, 16 tuners in, 16 MPTS, 512 SPTS out AVA3448B Tuner to IP Gateway hỗ trợ 16 tuner DVBT, DVB-C, DVB-S, ASI đầu vào, 16 MPTS hoặc 512 SPTS output qua giao thức UDP và RTP/RTSP dùng trong hệ thống IPTV. Outline AVA3448BTuner to IP...

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NDS3536S HDMI 128 IP input ra 8 mux DVB-T

Product Overview NDS3536S is a professional high integration device which includes encoding, multiplexing, and modulation. It supports 8/16/24 HDMI inputs, 1 ASI input, 1 USB payer input and 128 IP inputs via the GE port. It also supports DVB-C RF out with 12 non-adjacent carries or DVB-T/ATSC RF out with 8...

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